Associate Editors

Dr. Mike Beran

Department of Psychology and Language Research Center
Georgia State University
Interests: primate cognition, metacognition, self-control, numerical cognition, perception, choice behavior, memory

Dr. Jason Bruck

Department of Biology
Stephen F. Austin State University
Interests: cetacean cognition and communication, conservation psychology, sensory biology/physiology, spatial memory, chemical signals, egocentric navigation.

Dr. Sarah-Elizabeth Byosiere

Department of Psychology, Hunter College and The Graduate Center
City University of New York
Interests: companion animals, dogs, cognition, applied animal behavior, play behavior, illusions, community science

Dr. Christian Nawroth

Institute of Behavioural Physiology
Research Institute for Farm Animal Biology
Interests: animal emotions, animal welfare, farm animal cognition, human-animal interactions

Dr. Christopher Sturdy

Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute
University of Alberta
Interests: animal communication, animal cognition, animal behavior, and neuroethology

Dr. Jennifer Vonk

Department of Psychology
Oakland University
Interests: welfare, categorization, problem-solving, prosocial behavior, cooperation, social cognition, zoo animal, carnivora